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Silvia Eller and Carlo St. Juste, head of Humble Lion Band, invite YOU to join our WEbenin fundraising event: August 9, 2009 @ CAVE54, Heidelberg – Germany’s oldest Student Jazz Cub.

Carlo was born and raised in Haiti, the Caribbean Island. He has a strong ancient spirit rhythm in his blood and soul. His professions are Percussion, drums, vocals, executive recording producer, and film producer assistant. He has done some national commercials in Lima, Peru for “Pilsen” bier, appeared in USA at Arsenio Hall with Shabba Rank, sound track for NBC Glitz Movie of the week, “soul train” with Lady Patra, “Big Break” with Natalie Cole ect.. Since through his music career he has formed many bands. One of his most successful bands was the “Magyk Band”. In 2005 he joined with songwriter, singer and guitarist Silvia Eller who immigrated from Germany to USA Los Angeles to do Rock Music. Carlo St Juste formed Humble Lion 2005 in Los Angeles and is currently in Europe/ Germany Humble Lion is World Fusion Music.

Here is our flyer – please spread the world!
The funds will go directly to ADRIA in Aledjo for microfinancing.

Benin Party A6

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Thanks to Timmy from CAVE 54 in Heidelberg we are able to announce our first WEbenin Charity Concert. He gives us the venue for free!

When: August 9, 2009 at 8 pm
Where: Cave 54, Kraemergasse 2, Heidelberg

The musicians will be announced shortly! So stay tuned ….

The idea is to charge an additional 1 Euro on each drink. Besides this we’ll have a piggy bank for special donations:-) No entrance fee!!

What for: The proceeds will be distributed to ADRIA, a Aledjo based institution, which provides people with micro financing. Here is a report about ADRIA and what we’ve done with them so far!

Special thanks to Silvia Reiter, Bea Gschwend, Gabi Iszat und Anja Breitenbuecher who are supporting this idea and help us to make it happen!

And for those who cannot come, you can donate here🙂

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African Football


A football made out of plastic bags … That’s the kind of football Mel Young talked about in his presentation @ HPVForum. You see them a lot in Africa ….

Sorry for the poor video quality but I really didn’t have a great place for videotyping ….

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In August I am going back to Benin, West Africa with a stop over in Accra, Ghana, to visit the Makers Faire.


The aim of a Maker Faire-like event is to create a space on the continent where Afrigadget-type innovations, inventions and initiatives can be sought, identified, brought to life, supported, amplified, propagated, etc. Maker Faire Africa asks the question, “What happens when you put the drivers of ingenious concepts from Mali with those from Ghana and Kenya, and add resources to the mix?”

I will be there with 2 friends from Benin to check out what is possible for the Beninois. I am really looking forward to it, I’ve heard such a lot about these faires, but I never had a chance to visit one!

From Accra we will continue to Cotonou, Benin, where we welcome two young Germans: Anne udn Nadja. The two are planing to spent a year in Benin and support some of our projects. Most likely they will start out at Aledjo at the Youth Center (ADRIA), maybe they can help ADRIA to set up a branch with their microfinancing office at the school of Massi and then there is also the chance to support SEAM, our soccer guys in Benin. For them we might have a very special surprise soon, it seems that we’ll get a bus for them! A bus, that allow them to travel much easier around!

Besides welcoming the two girls I will visit Aledjo, Natintangou and Massi to see how our projects evolve. Hopefully we can raise some more money to continue our work …

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