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Tomorrow, June 9, around 9 pm Tim will be interviewed by Lutz Berger about our mission Benin last April. Stay tuned and listen how Tim experienced our trip and what hes thinking about WE will continue our work.

Enjoy an interesting view about WEbenin and be a part of it:

Join live at “the coffee dispenser” from Lutz Berger.

And here is the video! (it is in German, but available on DOTsub.com, waiting to be translated 🙂


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Last Thursday Alexander and I did some brainstorming with friends, hosted by Simon from HomeBase Berlin. Thanks to all of them!

Our major takeaway: WEbenin will continue to be our private project – maybe we are cooperating with NGO’s or other institutions to achieve bigger funds for special projects, but our mission for Benin will remain to operate as open and as flexible as we started. We build on trust and personal relationship.

Thanks to our friends to remind us, that we have to reveal our mission over and over again. To start virtual networking (= using the internet) can be “good and evil” – especially in a poor country like Benin. But it is already there (even though with many, many restrictions). There is no way without it! People will live with it – sooner or later. So why not believe in the GOOD?

When we think about “good or evil” we look at the internet as a huge connection machine. Of course there is always the risk to destroy culture, when you “import” foreign thinking and behaviour. We’ve seen a lot of destruction in third world countries – especially when we look at business affairs and religion. We are aware of the narrow path we are taking and therefore we ask ourselves for each step we take: Does our networking destroy Benin culture? Is it helping the people to help themselves? Does it empower people to help themselves?

We do believe in the GOOD and we try to deliver the GOOD.
There are so many chances in the internet for the GOOD – not ignoring the huge challenges that are going along with them – it would be a shame NOT to use them.
This is our goal and we will work on that!
It is a narrow path, but manageable!

Another take-away is the idea of a big fundraising party at HomeBase Berlin. We will work on this one … If you have any ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Anyhow, it was a great day for WEbenin.
Before our brainstorming session we’ve received some computers for Benin!

So, let’s keep on going …

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